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You Don’t Know the Extent of Sciatica Until You Experience It Firsthand

All kinds of pain can stem from your back. I think that is because, well, your back is essentially your stem. All the nerve conduction to and fro that gets your body to do just about everything comes from your spine. Mess it up, even a little, and you got all kinds of trouble. I had pains shooting down my leg from my hip into my big toe that felt like a combination of being on fire with gasoline and being struck by lightning at the same time. My chiropractor in Sacramento told me it was irritation to my sciatic nerve. Irritation was like saying that someone scooping your eyeball out of the socket is similar to popping a pimple. He said that the irritation could result in severe pain.

It would hit me out of the blue and get me to jump up right out of my chair. People thought a snake bit me under my desk or I got shocked by my computer. I scared everyone the first time I jumped up like that. They did not know if I had lost my mind or was having a seizure. It has hit me a couple of times while driving too.